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Elkome delivers systems to industry for the needs of production and product development. We offer solutions with which our customers can make their production more effective and safer. Using our products and services our customer can produce higher quality and make more competitive products.

Elkome Installaatiot Ltd

Elkome Installaatiot Ltd engineers and manufactures electrical and automation centres as contract manufacturing and as different sized customer projects.  In addition we offer professional electrical installation services for implementing projects and to serve customers’ seasonal additional resource needs.

Learn more about our products and services at:   www.installaatiot.fi.

Elkome Systems Ltd

Elkome Systems Ltd supplies devices and systems for the needs of industry, research, trade and the public sector.  We import products of the field’s leading device manufacturers and build systems for the needs of our customers.

Learn more about our solutions at:  www.elkome.fi
And browse products at our Online Store:   www.elkome.fi/webshop.

Elkome Software Ltd

Elkome Software Ltd provides software development and IT support services. We design and make software tailored to the needs of our customers.  We specialise particularly in industry systems.  In addition to application development we offer IT support services from PC and web system design to installation and maintenance.

Learn more about our services and products at:     www.esw.fi.


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