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Teknoware Oy

Automatic electrical safety tester

Teknoware's new automatic electrical safety tester speeds up and simplifies testing of lighting fixtures. The new test system provides a visual user interface for choosing and adapting tests. The system also has a database interface for test results and validation reports.Read more

Valtra Oy

Automatic storage and assembly line

Elkome designed an automatic tractor power transmission intermediate storage and pre-assembly system for Valtra Oy. The delivery included manufacturing, installation and deployment of the system and user training. The project was carried out in co-operation with Formia Vesme Oy.Read more

Load and motor enclosures

Load and motor enclosure in frequency inverter testing

Elkome has designed and delivered load and motor enclosures for frequency inverter testing. Tested devices are loaded with electrical motors, ensuring their functioning and electrical safety.

Water supply service of the City of Forssa

Automatic remote data collection and reporting system for water consumption

Elkome delivered a remote water consumption monitoring system to the water supply service of the City of Forssa. The remote data collection units were installed in water gauge wells into which current supply was organised by solar panels. The data collection units send monitoring data automatically via a GPRS connection to a data collection server, from which the customer can follow consumption data and receive alarms.Read more

Alte Visetec Oy

Production line modernisation and transfer from Sweden to Finland

Elkome operated as electrical installations subcontractor in transferring a copper pipe coating line from Sweden to Finland. In connection with the transfer project, the automation of the line was modernised and machine safety upgraded to meet current requirements. The delivery included dissembling work of the production line in Sweden, electrical installations in Finland, a part of the new machinery, verification measurements and supporting the customer in deployment.Read more

Asitek Oy

Manufacturing GOST R certified automation centres for Russia

Elkome manufactured new automation centres designed by Asitek Ltd for the new production plant of Myllyn Paras Ltd. Because the delivery was for Russia, the centres needed to be GOST R certified. The delivery included the automation centres' component orders, cabinet manufacturing, verification measurements, FAT testing and documentation in Russian.Read more

ABB Oy Motors

Conveyor line control modernisation

Elkome modernised an electric motors painting and conveyor line for ABB Motors. Project delivery included upgrading and expansion work required by the electrical centres, field installations, deployment, user training and documentation.Read more

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