Quality assurance of wind turbine gears in production and maintenance

Elkome has delivered wind turbine gear testing systems for both production and maintenance use to Moventas. The systems ensure the high quality of products before delivering them to the end customer.

Growth in production capacity increases testing needs

Elkome on toimittanut testausjärjestelmiä Moventakselle tuuliturbiinivaihteiden testaukseen.Moventas is Finland’s leading and the world’s third largest wind turbine gear manufacturer.  The company designs, manufactures and markets power transmission solutions and related maintenance services for energy and process industry needs.  Elkome has delivered wind turbine gear testing systems for both production and maintenance use to different locations of Moventas. Testing the gearbox before delivery to the customer is crucially important in terms of ensuring high quality.

Vibration and noise measurements

The purpose of the test system is to carry out a test run of the gearbox at certain power levels and rotation speeds in accordance with a test run program defined according to the gear type. Power levels can be run manually one step at a time, or they can be performed automatically controlled by a predefined sequence file.  The gear test run system is based on variable speed and loading motors and two oppositely coupled gearboxes.  Two oppositely coupled gearboxes are rotated with an inverter controlled variable speed motor.  A separate load motor controls the moment, which together with the rotating speed defines the desired power level. During the test run, vibration and noise measurements are carried out at each power level.,The functioning of the tested gear and intermediate gears connected to the system is monitored using pressure and temperature sensors.  The system controls and monitors also the functioning of the lubricant machine units and saves the particle contents of the oil.  Each monitored variable has separate alarm and locking limits.  Exceeding the alarm limit causes a warning in the software interface, and exceeding the locking limit starts automatic rundown of the system.

Measuring devices and testing software

For vibration measurements, the system includes signal processing and vibration measurement equipment with 32 acceleration sensors.  Indicators are calculated from the vibration and monitored during the test run and utilised in quality assurance. Noise intensity measurements are carried out on the gear using a noise analyser.  Measurements are done either as 1/3 octave or broadband FFT measurements as required.  At the end of the testing a report to be delivered to the customer is drawn up on the measurement results.

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