Automatic electrical safety tester

Teknoware’s new automatic electrical safety tester speeds up and simplifies testing of lighting fixtures. The new test system provides a visual user interface for choosing and adapting tests. The system also has a database interface for test results and validation reports.

Automatic testing speeds up production

All manufactured electrical devices must undergo electrical safety testing according to standards.  Elkome’s electricity safety tester is a solution for automatic testing of products.  Teknoware upgraded its existing electrical safety tester to a database based system and chose Elkome as the supplier of the new system.

Testing devices and electrification

Testdevices and control relays used in the system were assembled in the device cabinet, which was permanently installed at the production site.  Test system can also be assembled in a mobile device cart, so that it can be easily moved to different production points.

Software as a Labview application

Elkome’s electrical safety tester is a Labview-based system. Software controls the electrical safety tester in accordance with the chosen test.  Tests and test related parameters can be adapted product or product batch specifically.  Compared to traditional testers, all selection options related to a test are done programmatically, after which the user needs only to connect the rights cables to the product to be tested.  Elkome’s electrical safety tester speeds up production testing, improves the reliability of testing, and enables reporting and traceability.


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