Automatic storage and assembly line

Elkome designed an automatic tractor power transmission intermediate storage and pre-assembly system for Valtra Oy. The delivery included manufacturing, installation and deployment of the system and user training. The project was carried out in co-operation with Formia Vesme Oy.

Customer specific tractor manufacturing

Uniquely tailored Valtra tractors are manufactured in the most advanced factory in its field located in Suolahti, Finland.  Valtra’s modern and flexible production is characterised by giving the customer the possibility to choose features for their tractor from the front loader to mp3 player.  The parts are standard, but the number of different combinations of features is vast.  This sets requirements on both production and the factory’s internal logistics.

Utilising RFID and Bluetooth technology

With the intermediate storage and pre-assembly system delivered to Valtra, production can if needed adapt very quickly and flexibly to changes in production.  The system keeps track of each power transmission using e.g. RFID technology.  Thus the operator can see at a glance the type of power transmissions in intermediate storage and can ask the system to bring the correct power transmission into the production pre-assembly line at the right moment.  The storage and pre-assembly line is served by transfer carts, a part of which are controlled using wireless Bluetooth technology.

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