Electrical installations

Elkome Installaatiot Ltd provides electrical installation services to companies. We take full responsibility for electrical installations, deployments and inspections carried out in the customer’s premises. We carry out installations in the extent required by the customer either as a turnkey project or as smaller entities. Our professional installers ensure a high quality of work and efficient commissioning.

Customer projects

We have carried out hundreds of electrical installations and deployments around the world.  The solid expertise and experience of our installers enable fast implementation of the project.

In customer projects we take into consideration existing installation and possible future expansion needs.  Installation engineering takes into account the factory layout and defines the locations of electrical power centres and other instrumentation as well as cabling.

In order to minimise production stoppage, electrical installations need to be carried out quickly and according to the planned schedule.  Installation work often needs to be scheduled between work shifts or during natural production stoppages.  An installation schedule drawn up together with the customer ensures a high quality end result and minimises installation costs of the project.

Outsourcing service

We provide outsourced staff for electrical installations and production tasks requiring electro-technical expertise in industry.  We specialise in cabinet manufacturing and production testing, for which we can rent staff that understands the importance of quality assurance and testing principles of products.

As our customer you can rent our staff for fixed-term work tasks.  Outsourced workforce allows you to even out load peaks in production or resource shortages during holiday seasons.  With rented staff you can allocate your own resources to the most important tasks without needing to hire short-term extra resources.  Outsourcing also allows you to move fixed staff costs to variable costs.

As our customer you can trust our professional and self-starting installers, and be sure that installations will be high quality and comply with electrical safety regulations.   Thanks to our outsourcing service you don’t have to stress about staff shortages or risk taking on incompetent summer staff.

Our staff is permanently employed professionals whose competence and development is the responsibility of Elkome.

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