Elkome Installaatiot Ltd provides professional electricity and automation engineering for industrial purposes specialising in test systems as well as in material handling and manufacturing automation. Good engineering forms the basis for successful implementation of a customer project.

Electrical engineering

Electrical engineering is always done in compliance with the industrial standards, site specific regulations and the practices of the customer company. Clear and high quality documentation is produced as a result of engineering and planning. Our engineering plans and designs typically include electrical and mechanical drawings, a part list, device location and cable diagrams. All other instructions needed are also supplied.

Elkome’s electrical drawings  are clear and easy to read.  They provide all information needed for successful system implementation.  We also carry out projects from engineering to implementation, so we understand the significance of good quality documentation in manufacturing.

Automation engineering

We are specialized in automatic test systems and manufacturing automation.  We are very familiar with different operating devices, servo controllers, safety devices and machine vision systems.

Our services also include PLC programming.  We have expertise in the PLC’s and user interfaces of different manufacturers, and are proficient at frequency inverters, fieldbuses and device configuration.

Proto manufacturing

Over the years we have carried out hundreds of different projects.  Our expertise is best demonstrated in projects where, in addition to engineering, we carry out implementation, resulting in a final product.

In challenging comprehensive projects – such as proto manufacturing – we can take responsibility for the entire delivery from engineering to final testing.  We utilise an extensive network of subcontractors for mechanical engineering and mechanisation.

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