Measuring device enclosures

We equip measuring device enclosures according to customer needs. We have delivered systems to meet the needs of research , product development and condition monitoring. Our systems are used in the vehicle and defence industry, universities, research institutes, , and in machine and device manufacturing.

System integration

We provide support and guidance to our customers for engineering and manufacturing measurement systems.  The measurement system can be based on off-the-shelf products or can include customer and application specific tailoring.  We make electrical  and mechanical drawings, we acquire sensors and measuring devices, and manufacture needed device enclosures with special connectors and enclosure heating.  The system is delivered to the customer ready-installed.

Device installations

We install our customers’ own measuring and testing devices into device enclosures and cases in accordance with the use environment.  Challenging use conditions may require installation to include IP protection, warming the case in cold outdoor installation or cooling it in warm conditions.  In the food and chemical industry device enclosures must be made of stainless steel.  We always carry out installations to enclosures and cases required by the use conditions.

Mobile measuring device carts

We deliver mobile measuring device carts for the needs of maintenance services.  We install the required measuring devices and computers onto carts and carry out planned couplings and cabling according to the needs.

Cabling and sensor couplings

Customer specific needs often require designing cabling and sensor couplings for the use conditions.  Particular challenges are set by weather conditions, contact with chemical gases and fluids, or explosive atmosphere environments requiring ATEX approval.  Mobility of the measuring system or use in more than one target application may require easily changeable cables.  In this case couplings need to endure repeated attaching and detaching.

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