Product pallets and contact mechanics

We engineer and manufacture fixtures, product pallets and contact mechanics needed in test systems. Our services cover product specific design, material choices and manufacturing.


In production the coupling of the tested product to the tester needs to be carried out easily and quickly.  In addition one tester is usually needed to test several different products. This is why the coupling of products to the tester is done with product specific adapters and fixtures. We manufacture different fixtures from small circuit cards to very large and robust devices.

Product pallets

In series production, products can be moved between different workstation and testers using product pallets. The pallet is always designed and manufactured customer and product specifically.  A product pallet can be designed to work on more than one product.

Contact mechanics

Contact mechanics or a jig is used to attach a product or a pallet to the tester.  At its simplest form a jig can be a manual device into which the tested product is placed, and contact is made by attaching the test cable or by flipping the lever.  In automatic testers product identification and contacting is done completely automatically.  We engineer and manufacture different mechanical contact solutions, which allow carrying out product testing quickly and easily.

Electric harnesses and special cables

We also manufacture electric harnesses and special cables, and carry out challenging cable couplings for specific needs.

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