Test systems

We engineer and manufacture customer specifically tailored test systems. We have implemented hundreds of systems for the needs of product development and production, from small manually used testing devices to fully automatic test lines including several test stations.

Electrical safety tester

An electrical safety tester is used to ensure that the manufactured product meets safety requirements defined for it in standards.  Voltage tests in accordance with requirements are carried out on the product, and the continuity of earthing is ensured.  At its simplest a tester can be comprised of just a measuring device and a computer controlling it.  At its most robust a tester can work completely automatically as part of the production line.

Stress tester

A stress tester is used to ensure that the product meets durability requirements set for it.  Stress testing can be carried out for both mechanical and electrical durability.  A stress tester can include an oven i.e. burn in chamber, where the functioning of the product is tested at varying temperatures.  Burn in chambers are often included as part of functional testing.  In addition to temperature, stress can be put on the product in many ways in order to better detect possible hidden defects.

Functionality tester

A functionality tester is used to ensure that the product works as it should.  Tests carried out vary according to the extent of the product’s and customer’s test plan. The same tester can be used to test many different products.  An adapter or pallet with which the tested product is attached to the tester is designed and manufactured for each tested product.

Software loading station

Product or customer specific software usually needs to be loaded onto the final product.  The production management system tells the product the needed software version, which the loading station then loads to the product.  Software loading is often a part of another tester.

Weighing and packing station

The weighing and packing station ensures that the final product includes all parts related to delivery.  The weight of the product indicates whether all parts are included in the package or if something is missing.  A serial number and packaging labels are printed for the final product.  After palletising the product is ready for delivery.

Repair station

To ensure smooth production, products are usually not repaired on the production line.  A faulty product detected in testing is moved from the production line to a separate repair station.  At the repair station more precise measurements are carried out on the product to locate the fault. A repair station separate from production makes operations more effective and guarantees uninterrupted production.

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